At WeedHorn, we're building a mainstream cannabis site for the new age of marijuana. Over the next few years, cannabis will be legalized in 18-20 states, and could even be legalized by the federal government.

Our goal is to serve up the most interesting cannabis stories from around the web for every kind of marijuana enthusiast. From the anti-pot parent who wants to treat their child suffering from seizures to people who've never tried marijuana, but want to live a healthier life in a state where it's now legal.

We want our readers to be entertained, empowered and educated about cannabis as legalized marijuana is the fastest growing industry in America. Fast Company called WeedHorn the 'BuzzFeed of Weed' and Branding Magazine featured WeedHorn as one of the companies successfully rebranding cannabis. When the state of Oregon began selling legal recreational marijuana, Portland's NBC news turned to WeedHorn for coverage.

Legalization of cannabis will be one of the biggest movement we witness in our lifetime. We want our readers to have a front row seat for the revolution.

About the Founder

WeedHorn's Founder and CEO is Rick Bakas. For the past 35 years, Rick has watched his mom suffer from Multiple Sclerosis as the disease has taken its toll on her mind, body and spirit. After spending a few days looking online for information about medical marijuana, he wasn't able to find reliable information about a cure or a treatment for her. In 2015, Rick decided to launch a mainstream cannabis media brand focusing on edu-tainment around all the good things cannabis can provide.

In his past life, Rick spent 8 years at NIKE developing brands where he was a key designer on the NFL's Denver Broncos identity in 1997, New York Giants brand refresh in 2000 as well as the creator of the Oregon Ducks identity in 1999, one of the most well known brand identities in college sports.

After leaving NIKE, Rick moved back to his home town of Boulder, Colorado where he started growing cannabis. He also worked for a mentor in the TechStars startup scene where he applied everything he knew about building a brand to his own social media presence. Rick now has over 2 million followers across major social media sites.

Rick lives in Northern California with his family and continues to be a caregiver for his mom while building the WeedHorn brand.