Whoopi Goldberg, a long-time cannabis-activist, is also the next celebrity to jump into the ganja game with a new line of products designed to beat period pains. Goldberg teams up with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles, to create Whoopi & Maya. The two hit it off the moment they met and quickly decided that the Whoopi & Maya Synergy would begin with a signature line of medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort.

According to Elisabeth, "Cannabis is helpful for all pain relief, because when you use it topically it mingles with your nerve endings where the pain is felt. It also affects the pain receptors in the brain, so it's helpful for all pain in general. It elevates your mood and relaxes your mind so that your body can do what's it's supposed to do, which is feel comfortable and heal."

The duo will launch with four products: an epsom salt soak in three fragrances, a medical cannabis sipping chocolate, a topical rub in both CBD and THC, and THC-infused tinctures. Say goodbye to painful periods, ladies!

Whoopi and MayaPhoto: Timothy White

The new "Whoopi & Maya" line of medical cannabis productsPhoto: Michael Osborne/Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi & Maya will be available soon in California to people with their medical marijuana cards.

Source: USA Today | Whoopi & Maya