Gravity Bongs can be made in an infinite amount of ways using almost anything. Today I have compiled a list of my favorite designs and builds.

1. Percolated

If you have a percolator laying around, be sure to attach it to your gbong!

2. The 5 Gallon

You know the smoke is gonna get stale, but it's still cool to see some innovation.

3. Another Percolated

Damn, that's some craftsmanship. Not only that but you know it's gonna hit smooooth.

4. Portable as Fuck bong

Nothing to special about this gravity bong but man, she's got some balls. I probably wouldn't be doing that even if it was legal. Then again maybe I would.

5. Glass

Nothing beats glass, not even plastic

If you want to make your own reliable and trustworthy gravity bong be sure to check this out:

How to make a gravity bong out of a gatorade bottle

More Pictures of Gravity Bongs below!!!!!

Damn, those girls are fine! I'd let them rip my Gravity Bong.

As you can see everyone smokes gravity bongs. They get you hella ripped. Be sure to comment your opinion below!