Music and weed go together like peas and carrots. Of all the things there are to enjoy while being high, nothing enhances your vibe like the music, especially when you and the artist are on the same wave length.

Musicians know you'll be getting lifted while enjoying their tracks with THC flowing through your system. Some musicians even create music specifically for the stoner audience like Cypress Hill for example who said Everybody Must Get Stoned.


Each year there's a new crop of stoner anthems to add to the playlist alongside the likes of Dre Day, Gin and Juice, the entire Nas Time is Illmatic album, Tom Petty, Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf, Peter Tosh's Legalize It, Ben Harper's Burn One Down or just about anything by Bob Marley.

What makes a great anthem? For starters, the lyrics have to be catchy. Picture yourself on a road trip driving somewhere fun with friends like on camping trip or to Coachella. What song are you going to put on that everyone in the car will jam to? That's an anthem.

For 2016 we uncovered some new stoner anthems you need in your life:

1. Pass the Dutchie - Musical Youth

What's old is new again. When Pass the Dutchie came out nearly 30 years ago it was back when Mtv actually played music. While the video of musical youth singing about passing the joint around might have seemed odd at the time Nancy Reagan was telling people to 'Just Say No', the song deserves to be dusted off and brought back out of the record crate for another go 'round in honor of dear Nancy.

Try listening to it just once, I dare you.

2. Ridin' High (Remix) - Fingerman

The original sample is a 1970's funk cut called Ridin' High by Faze-O but London's Fingerman took it and added a stony little drum track that creeps up into your ear hole purring like a kitten. If you were a character in a movie, this is what would be playing as you walked in slow motion like in Reservoir Dogs.

3. Marijuana Mellows You Out - Chief Greenbud

If legendary lifestyle correspondent Jimmy Buffet sang about weed instead of booze all these years he might just be reincarnated as Chief Greenbud.

Nobody captures the soul of a weed smoker like Chief Greenbud who travels around the country performing his unique style of humor and good ol' fashioned sing along songs. The lyrics are easy to relate to, which is why songs like Marijuana Mellows You Out or It's 420 Somewhere will be played on many a' road trip in 2016.

4. Wiz Khalifa/Adele - Hello Let's Get High

When Wiz Khalifa unleashes his new strain of weed this year it seems appropriate to say hello while listening to his impromptu freestyle over the instrumental version of Adele's Hello.

Wiz was doing an interview with Power 106 in LA when the DJ asked Wiz if he could lay lyrics over any kind of music. "Only if I'm feelin' it," Khalifa said. "Well, are you feeling it now?" the DJ said, and then he proceeded to put on Hello without warning. What happened next became an instant internet classic, and an anthem for 2016.

5. Audio Push - VAMONOS Featuring Kap G

Once Audio Push gets their hooks into your ear drums they don't let go. A true anthem is sometimes a theme that describes where you're at and we're you're going. With VAMONOS (spanish for let's go!) it is the soundtrack to your life when you're headed out for the best night ever.

Few artists have the lyrical skillset to grab your brain and twist it around like you were doing yoga on Red Bull. Izze The Producer created the perfect contrast of a head bouncing beat juxtaposed with that frenetic pace of lyrics that get cut up like a Benihana chef. Go get it and turn it up as loud as it'll go. Let's go let's go!

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