A new crop will be featured at the Oregon State Fair this year: marijuana.

The Oregonian reports that the fair awards prizes for the curviest vegetable or the most misshapen fruit. This year, marijuana plants will also be on display -- and will be judged by a panel of growers before the fair.

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council is sponsoring the exhibit. Chairman Don Morse says nine plants will be displayed in a greenhouse and monitored by a security guard.

Only people age 21 and older will be allowed inside.

Fair spokesman Dan Cox says the exhibit is a nod to the newly legal status of cannabis. Morse says, however, that those hoping for a sample will be disappointed. "The fair is taking it one step at a time and following the lead of the public and the OLCC and the legislature," Cox says. "To the degree that cannabis embeds itself into the fabric of the fair—this is an early stage."

The fair runs Aug. 26 through Sept. 5.