Imagine the heartbreak of being a new parent welcoming a baby girl into the world only to find out her brain wasn't wired quite right. The Weavers, a Hibbing, Minnesota couple went through a heartbreaking discovery with their daughter, Amelia, when they found out she had Dravet syndrome. The rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy was causing Amelia to have 30 to 80 seizures A DAY.

Although Amelia was able to walk and say basic word such as her ABC's up until age two and a half, Dravet's syndrome caused her development to regress and she lost her basic motor skills such as walking or eating with a fork or spoon.

According to, the syndrome is an intractable form of epilepsy showing early signs in infancy. At first, seizures are often prolonged events that build momentum in the second year of life. The child's development appears to be on track at first, but after 24 months development begins to decline. SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy) is a real possibility for worried parents.

credit: Fighting For Amelia FB page

The Weavers were devastated and were desperate to find anything that would help their daughter fight the dehibilitating disease for seven years. After 23 failed anti-epileptic pharmaceutical treatments, the Weavers turned to medical marijuana. Anti-epileptic medicines delayed her development, made her sleepy, damaged her liver and bones and made her agitated.

After countless trips to the Minnesota state capitol, hundreds of letters, countless sleepless nights, media interviews, senate hearings and swelling public support, the Weavers were able to get their hands on a medical marijuana oil called LeafLine from LeafLine Labs and start treatment in late July.

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Amelia showed immediate signs of improvement after ingesting the medical marijuana oil. She started to have entire days where she wouldn't have a single seizure. According to the Weavers' Fighting For Amelia Facebook page, "I can hardly believe I get to share this AMAZING news! Since Amelia's first dose of medical cannabis from LeafLine on Friday morning she has had only one short seizure!!! Pre medical cannabis she was having 30-80 drop seizures daily and 1-10 GTC/ Grand Mal seizures. Amelia also only slept 1-2 hours a night.

This entire weekend she's had only 1 short seizure and slept 5 hours both nights!!!!"

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Reducing the number of seizures made the Weavers' journey worth it, but then Amelia did something she hadn't done in years—she walked on her own. "You can look at her now, and she's focusing for the first time since she started having seizures," Amelia's mom said in an interview with a local Minnesota news station. "She's looking you in the eye...Her body has calmed down. She's starting to smile. It's amazing."

credit: Fighting For Amelia FB page

The Weavers' latest Facebook page update dated August 2, 2015 says is all:

I'm thrilled to update everyone on Amelia's continued INCREDIBLE progress with medical cannabis. Since Amelia's first dose of Cobalt from LeafLine 9 days ago, she has NOT had ANY drop seizures, and only 6 short GTC's(grand mal type seizures). She is currently 3 days seizure free!!!
To go from daily life threatening seizures(premedical cannabis 30-80 drop seizures and 1-10 GTC's daily), to having seizure free days is life changing. Watching your child suffer everyday is the most helpless feeling in the world. Amelia has failed 23 anti-epileptic pharmaceuticals to treat her Dravet Syndrome. We were out of medical options and desperate for our daughter to have some relief. Today after her bath Amelia is walking on her own, smiling(which she rarely did), her body is physically calm for the first time in her life, she's focusing, and playing with toys! Not to mention Amelia is sleeping at night!!