Managing Your Pain with Cannabis

Learn how to remove pain from your body and feel great using nature's most powerful medicine!

If you only take ONE online class about improving your life with cannabis, this is it.

You may not realize how much your life will improve when you remove the pain from your body. It's no exaggeration to say tens of millions of people are living with some form of chronic pain. From back and neck pain, to injury-specific or post-procedure pain, we all learn to live with it or end up taking pharmaceuticals to get through each day.

Medical cannabis has many applications for many ailments, but perhaps its best feature is its ability to minimize pain. Cannabis can be applied topically on the outside of the body to treat pain at the surface, or be ingested to treat pain deep inside the body. Either way, medical cannabis is extremely effective for all types of pain.

One of our students, Joan S. from Santa Rosa, California wrote in sharing her story about how cannabis saved her life. Joan suffered from multiple sclerosis and walked with a cane. After years of walking hunched over leaning to one side, Joan's hand hurt from holding the cane, her hips were in extreme pain from being out of balance and her back was a mess. She couldn't sleep because the pain was so bad. Pharmaceuticals were making things worse. Her stomach was a mess and she had more side effects than she cared for.

Joan began taking a tincture of cannabis oil (made from the AC/DC strain) and within 48 hours her pain was reduced significantly. We asked her to quantify how much her pain was reduced, and she said "by 70-80%). Her stomach began feeling better after she stopped taking the prescription drugs and she began sleeping soundly through the night. Cannabis didn't only reduce her pain, but it had secondary benefits that were by-products of the primary condition.

Our Goal: We want you to understand your body's endocannabinoid system and why it works with cannabis to reduce pain.

Finding someone who's not only a medical doctor, but one who is well versed in medical cannabis is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most medical professionals don't fully understand cannabis, and don't know how to prescribe it. It's not something they teach in medical school. Students studying to be a doctor are taught to use pharmaceuticals only. It takes a special kind of doctor who spends the extra time to read the latest research and fully understand cannabis as a medicine.

By the time you finish watching this course you'll have a thorough understanding of your body's pain receptors and how cannabinoids work like keys in the locks of your body.

What to Expect in Class

Dr. Jessica is going to drop some serious knowledge. In fact, she covers so much interesting information we've broken the course up into 3 'semesters' or sections. Section 1 is available to watch now. Sections 2 and 3 will be posted soon with downloadable information for you to read at home.

Dr. Jessica is going to tell you exactly why this plant is so effective and ways you can administer it for your own pain.

Your Instructor

Dr. Jessica Knox is one of four family members who went through medical school and became a doctor. Her mother is an anesthesiologist, her father is an E.R. physician and her sister is also a doctor. Together, they form The Canna MD's. Collectively, they are all able to stay current on the latest research regarding medical cannabis.

Your Instructor

Dr. Jessica Knox
Dr. Jessica Knox

Dr. Jessica received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University before going on to earn her medical and business degrees from Tufts University. She completed her postgraduate training in Preventive Medicine at the University of California San Diego while earning her public health degree from San Diego State University.

Dr. Jessica believes that using all-natural remedies to fight disease and promote well-being should be the first-line approach in medical care. With healthcare costs soaring, and access to medical care as limited as ever, she believes the application of lifestyle and natural medicine is key to adequately addressing the current state of public health in our communities and country as a whole. It was out of this belief that Dr. Jessica’s interest in Cannabis Therapeutics blossomed.

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