Humans are tribal creatures—we're funny like that. Sometimes we just need a group of friends to make certain activities more memorable. In the timeless philosophical words of Mike Brady from The Brady Bunch Movie, "as individuals we can move rocks, but together we can move mountains." We got to thinking about some of the best things (with our without weed) that are way more fun when you're friends are involved:

1. Eating "magic brownies" at a music festival


When the sun goes down, the music is sound good and you feel the edibles start kicking in there's nothing better than partying in front of a stage with your friends who are right there with you.

Conversely, if you're that guy swaying back and forth staring at everyone who's in line for the port-a-potty while drool drips off your chin, that's not as fun. For anyone. You'll realize that when you come down and you're in the back of a squad car with taser marks on your chest.

2. Road Trips


They say half the fun is getting there, and they're right if you have a car full of friends who like listening to marathon sessions of Phish live shows. Some of life's best memories happen along the way when taking a road trip.

3. Light as a feather, stiff as a board


Remember that game you played at school where kids stand in a circle lifting one person with their fingers? Believe me, it's more fun with people. I tried doing it by myself and it didn't work so well.

4. Hide and go seek


Playing hide and go seek by yourself gets old real quick when you sit behind a bush for three hours before you realize nobody is coming looking for you.

5. Playing Tag


Believe me, playing tag, laser tag, red rover, double dutch, four square, tetherball, hacky sack or any other playground game it's better with people. Try playing tag by yourself out in public one day and see how long it takes for security guards to come escort you off the premises. My record is 12 minutes.

6. Going clubbing


It's not really meant to be a spectator sport. Few things are more creepy than a guy standing in the corner at a club just watching or randomly going up behind a girl and starting to grind on her. Why is that guy there alone? And has he ever been arrested? These are some of the questions a group of friends my wonder as they're jammin' on the floor. Going to clubs is way more fun with friends.

7. Change the world by joining NORML's Presidential Primary Membership Drive

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Each time there's an election it seems the "cool" candidates are usually the ones encouraging young people get out and vote. Strength in numbers is a real thing, which is why the cannabis industry's leading organization (NORML) and Freedom Leaf just teamed up to get you and your friends to help move the needle on marijuana legalization.

From March 21st through May 31st the two organizations are coming together like Voltron encouraging anyone who likes cannabis to tune in, sign up and help make weed legal.