Pulling an April Fool's prank on your friends who smoke weed is a bit unfair, but it's so much fun! They may not have the awareness to see you coming, but once a cleverly calculated prank goes off and you see them have the a-ha moment, it's always good for a laugh. And what's the best way to catch them off guard on a day when everyone is expecting to get pranked? Get 'em where it matters—on their iphone.

1. The ol' auto-correct gag


This one never gets old. And the best part is the gag will go on for a while before your stoner friend realizes what's going on. If you are able to get into your friend's unlocked phone and go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add Shortcut. For users on iOS 9 beta, you may see Text Replacement instead of "Add Shortcut."

Enter a common word they're likely to use in texts like "Okay" or "Thanks" in the Shortcut section and enter in a funny word in the Phrase section. Every time your friend goes to use the commonly used word, your phrase will pop up instead. Last year I went into my wife's phone and replaced, "hi" with "isn't bacon delicious". Later that day her mom received a text saying, "isn't bacon delicious mom". What's really fun is you can add more than one. If you plan for what they'll say next like "OMG" or "what" it gets really diabolical.

2. Waiting for you to text back symbol


Another classic worth bringing out again. There is nothing more annoying than texting with a friend and constantly waiting for him or her to finish typing. You know what I am talking about; waiting for this darn symbol to finally go away:

Well now you can torture your stoner friends with the typing GIF, so everyone will think you are still typing when in fact they are just staring at a looping GIF. It's hilarious and best used right after a declaration of important news. "I just went to the hospital and the doctor gave me some pretty tough news." "[INSERT GIF]," and watch the panicking ensue.

3. Accessibility Lockout

Guided Access locks a user into one application. This is usually used so that children can use one app without messing around with anything else on the device. To enable this function on your victims phone go to, Settings -> Accessibility -> Learning -> and enable Guided Access. Then add Guided Access via the Accessibility Shortcut. Open an app like Stocks, Weather, or Game Center and triple-click the home button. You will create a Passcode and Start Guided Access. In order to leave the application, they will need to know your secret passcode.

4. The Frozen iPhone


When your phone freezes there is very little that you can do about it and it can be extremely annoying. But tricking someone into thinking that their iPhone is frozen is pretty funny. For this prank you'll need to have at least a minute or so to complete.

  1. Take a screenshot (home + sleep/wake button) of their homepage.
  2. Next, move all the items from that homepage to another page or folder so that the page is free of all apps. Tap and hold any app until they begin to jiggle to move apps around.
  3. Apply the wallpaper of the screenshot you just took
  4. Enjoy the hilarity

5. Siri name calling


Tap and hold the home button or say, "Hey Siri" if the device is plugged in to access Siri. Command Siri to call the user of the phone any type of funny name you can think of. I had a friend that forced Siri to call him "Creator of Greatness," so this prank is definitely made for people like him.

If Siri is enabled at the lock screen, you can really create all sorts of havoc. Schedule reminders, set random alarms, or send text messages without even knowing your victims pass code. Pranks like this are a good reason to disable access to Siri from the lock screen. Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode and uncheck Siri in the "Allow Access When Locked" section.

6. Trading Places contact swap


The classic contact switch prank. Go to Contacts and change the name of an important contact. Family members and significant others are the best targets. With your number swapped with your victim's girlfriend's you can very quickly make someone's life very miserable.

7. Wake me up before you go go


Open the Clock app and tap on the alarm tab. Create an alarm for a very inconvenient time, let's say 4:00 AM and choose the worst sound possible and DISABLE snooze. I'd suggest the standard Alarm which is located in the Classic section of Sounds. Make the alarm repeating if you're really an ass. In their confusion of being woken up in the middle of the night, they probably won't remember to delete the alarm you have created.

8. Cracked screen gag


Find a nice resolution image of a broken screen using Google search. Then head to Settings -> Wallpaper and replace their wallpaper with that of a broken screen. While they will eventually realize that their screen isn't broken, the reactions are truly priceless.

9. Invert colors


Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and turn on the Invert Colors toggle. If you have another Accessibility feature enabled you may want to uncheck that option. Then, triple-click the home button to invert the colors on the device.

h/t iphonehacks