Four Danbury, Connecticut teens ate brownies they thought were made with marijuana, but it turns out they may have been laced with 'synthetic marijuana'. Police were called to Henry Abbott Technical School in Danbury to question the student who sold the brownies. The teens were sent to Danbury Hospital after police suggested their physical reaction was abnormal. Their condition was not life threatening.

According the the American Association of Poison Control, 'synthetic marijuana' is very different than actual marijuana because it is laced with powerful unregulated chemicals incorrectly referred to as "cannabimimetics". The cannabis industry has pushed back on synthetic products having any kind of association with the marijuana plant.

With names like Spice, K2 or No More Mr. Nice Guy the products are nothing more than dried leaves (such as oregano) sprayed with chemicals designed for extensive abuse. Synthetic drugs manufactured in China and distributed through the internet and head shops have become a growing problem in schools across the country. We'll continue to watch this story as it develops.