Vegas’s Favorite Marijuana Consumption Methods

Whether you are hoping to consume marijuana for recreational or for medicinal purposes, there are a number of ways that you can consume it. The most common form is through smoking it, but not everyone wants to smoke – even if it is pure and not mixed with tobacco.

A great city with super creative and open minded people and with the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, we can get a really good idea of the best ways to consume marijuana without having to smoke it.

So, bearing this in mind, what are Las Vegas's favourite marijuana consumption methods?


It is possible to make weed tea, weed beer or even leave it in rum or vodka. Whilst making marijuana tea isn't as straightforward as brewing a bud, it can be done. Get some cannabutter and dissolve it into your regular cup of tea (or herbal tea for a different flavour) and hey presto! Weed tea!

Bubbler or Bong

Whilst here you are still technically smoking, a bubbler or bong, you are not burning paper, so it does not have the same `smoky` effect. You are literally burning and inhaling the fumes of the marijuana, giving a cleaner taste and often stronger effect.


A vaporiser is a machine made especially for the consumption of marijuana. It heats up the pot to just the right temperature to release the compounds which will have the desired effect. This is particularly popular method for those who consume medical marijuana.


You can take cannabis in the form of a capsule – much like a regular tablet. Whilst this is quick and easy – especially for those who take cannabis for medical reasons, it can be easy to take too much. Make sure that you sit down with your doctor to make sure that you are taking the correct dosage.


A Cannabis tincture is when extracts are taken from the plant, and then this is taken under the tongue. It is quickly absorbed through the gums and so has an effect very quickly, much like smoking. Tinctures can be found in drops or sprays.


Another common consumption method is through edibles. You can buy edibles already made with the cannabis inside, or if you are a little more daring, make your own. Edibles usually come in the shape of biscuits or cakes, but you can now buy cannabis infused olive oil, and butter which can be used to create your own recipes. Remember, however that with edibles you have a much lower level of control over the dosage.

Oils and Balms

You can also buy oils and lotions which contain the essential components of cannabis. These can be applied topically to help with relaxation and pain relief.

There are many ways that marijuana can be consumed without having to smoke it, and these are just some of them. Everybody is different and prefer different methods of consumption – especially those who take cannabis for medical reasons – and this is why it is a good idea to experiment with different methods, to find the right one for you.