No shoe brand has developed a cult following quite like Vibram. Their FiveFingers of fun shoes look like gloves on your feet and are meant to replicate running barefoot. A recent winner of CBS Survivor dominated the field in Survivor challenges wearing his Vibram shoes. Now, the beloved brand is about to get a trail shoe made with hemp.

Mike Holloway wearing Vibram shoes

Vibram shoes caught on with the gym crowd and outdoor enthusiasts with their appearance that makes the person wearing them look like they're doing a handstand. But then people started to realize how comfortable and functional they were.

The new hemp Vibrams are going to be constructed with an upper made from a hemp/polyester blend that will provide comfort, durability and breathability. The bottom will remain consistent in its construction of Vibram material fans know and love.

The new shoes are targeted for release in August with a price tag around $100.