Food for thought from Clean Green Certified's Chris Van Hook:

"I think it is important to stop calling it 'recreational use' when referring to non-medical use of cannabis. I think it is a demeaning term that places cannabis users in a childish and silly light. They do not call it 'recreational drinking,' having a glass of wine. In fact, many come home after a long hot day and have a cold beer or a glass of wine to wind down. The same goes for cannabis use.

For those of us that come home after a long day and take a few puffs of cannabis to unwind or to work on creative projects, the term 'recreational use' is both childish, and insulting. We are adults, and I, for one, would like the respect of being addressed as one. Moving forward let's all discard the term 'recreational use' and call it correcttly: 'adult use.'"

photo: cannabis reports