Animal Kind: Let's Start with a Few of the Basics About Pet Allergies

Hello animal lovers, owners, humans. I'm sharing some information courtesy of WeedHorn's dear contributor Goldie Berencsi of Healing Without the High.

She's a bit slammed at the moment, putting it mildly, and not able to reply to her backlog of email. So many people are reaching out to her, and she cannot reply in a timely fashion, what a wonderful problem to have.

So I thought I'd share some of her wisdom until she can come up for air, because frankly the pets can't wait. To be honest, if she expands into human care, I'll be seeing her once a week for my treatments.

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    <p><br></p><p><strong>Goldie writes:</strong> </p><p>So many of you have reached out to me this week in search of some relief for your pets' allergies. While I cannot respond to all of them I thought I would share some helpful recommendations.</p><p>Most pets are affected by seasonal allergies; they scratch excessively everywhere; their skin becomes inflamed and sensitive, resulting in overgrowth bacteria, which can lead to yeast infections: they are officially miserable! It effects their ears, oral tissue, eyes chin and so forth.</p><p>What to do?</p><p>Address their diet, carbohydrates, starches and grain will fuel their symptoms. Feed one that is grain and starch free, low in carbs. First let me help you determine the percentage in their food.Calculating Carbs in your pets food:<br></p><p>Subtract the protein, fat, moisture and ash percentages on the back of your pets food bag from 100%, it will give you an estimate of the total carbohydrate content you are feeding him. Anything over 30% is high for allergy and yeast suffers.<br>Carbs increase inflammation!!<br></p><p>Supplement them with a rich source f Omega-3. Krill oil is a favorite of mine.Allergies are an immune response, if it was working optimally they would not be suffering.I will post a superior supplement on the page later for immunotherapy support.<br></p><p>Bromelain, quercetin and Papain supplements show great relief in reducing inflammation, pain as well as the moucous membranes.</p><p>Weekly bathes, do not use oatmeal shampoos it is a grain, I use Castille soap, couple Tbs apple cider vinegar in a gallon of warm water, massage in for 10 min, rinse.Daily foot rinses..use the above recipe <br></p><p>Eucalyptus oil is healing for mucus membranes, diffuse the oil lightly in the pets area.<br></p><p>I look forward to sharing our new antibacterial spray with you soon, it is under a case study for the next 4 weeks, specifically for these issues.<br></p><p>Best wishes to you and your pups!🐾</p>