By now you've probably heard Malia Obama smoked some weed at a concert this summer. If you didn't, we've got something SCANDALOUS to share with you—Malia Obama smoked some weed at a concert this summer.

Go about your business. Nothing to see here.

Now, as parents of a teenager, the Obamas are in a precarious position. How to respond to this little development knowing the whole world is watching? One thing the Obama administration COULD HAVE done is reschedule marijuana or remove it completely from the Controlled Substances Act. But they didn't.

The first lady took a more tactful approach and sent a powerful message about raising girls. She conveyed her parenting stance in a subtle tweet talking about her bigger initiative #LetGirlsLearn. Any parent of teenagers can probably attest you have to walk a fine line when communicating with your teens.

Very classy, FLOTUS! Perhaps we can get the first lady to bend her husband's ear about that whole DEA thing...