Design Daily #8: Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle

For the record, I'm a fan of Malin+Goetz. Don't happen to have any of their products at the moment, but a friend used to gift me with their shampoos and conditioners and minimal-chic travel sets. Their bergamot body wash has been a favorite ever since, for a good 10 years now. Also, the owners used to take their bulldog to work at their NYC shop every day, so I used to make a point of walking by just to see his sweet smush-nosed little face—oh, I'm a big fan from back in the day.

So, having seen this Malin+Goetz candle in a few select locations around town, yesterday, I finally smelled it for the first time. Sure enough, it's as "sexy" and "spicy" and "seductive" as their product description promises. And decidedly down-tempo for M+G, with its dark mix of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes; oxblood in color.

In fact, it's such a successful scent that I can almost forgive their master perfumers for mistakenly equating patchouli with cannabis. But the real problem is there's no cannabis in the Malin+Goetz Cannabis candle: "This synthesis does not contain any material from the cannabis plant." In which case, for $52.00, if I want my home to seduce and evoke the intoxicating scent of cannabis, I'll purchase and burn a variety of the genuine article in my living room.

Granted, bitching's easy, offering a solution is not, so let me try. Because I think there's a win-win solution to be had here. Namely, I'd love to see established companies, like Malin+Goetz, get into cannabis by hiring experts to consult, collaborate, and/or craft entirely original formulas for their cannabis lines. In Portland alone, there are so many artisans working with and perfecting authentic cannabis oils, tinctures, eLiquids. Dyana Patamia of Titrate, for starters—just wrote about her too: she's brilliant.

Really, there are scores of people with incredible hands-on, real-life training in this incredibly unique and specialized area of cannabis. I know you're out there, folks. And if you can hear this call, would you please be so kind as to leave your calling card/a link in the comments? I'd definitely like to check out what you're up to.

To Malin+Goetz and all the premier metrosexual product companies who are thinking of getting into cannabis lines, and would be flat-out stupid not to be thinking about it, I say: Yes, hello! Welcome! Join us! Because I believe there is a place for anyone who wants to be part of this industry; plenty of wide-open spaces. That said, come on, people, put some skin in the game; we'll all be better for it.