Did Malia Obama Smoke a Joint at Lollapalooza?

Let me just start off by saying if she did, who the hell cares? Her father smoked weed in High School and he's able to carry out drone strikes just fine, right?

But obviously, being the presidents daughter and all, nothing is that simple. So let me explain why this is so damned controversial:

A video surfaced last week of Malia Obama twerking her way into the adolescent pants of thousands of teenage boys at a Lollapalooza concert. Although many are insisting that the young woman in the 9 second video is in fact not the presidents daughter, it's fairly apparent it is. Now is she smoking cannabis in said video? I'll let you be the judge of that:

There were apparently eyewitnesses who said it was indeed President Obama's daughter Malia smoking in the video. Those eyewitnesses also said that she was most definitely smoking cannabis. Then again those eyewitnesses were most definitely probably stoned themselves.

And although a sitting presidents daughters engaging in questionable behavior is nothing new -- *cough* *cough* Bush daughters -- the apparent snub Malia gave to democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that evening was more than many Republicans (and Democrats) could handle. I mean, how could a teenager prefer smoking weed and dancing to their favorite band more than listening to Hillary Clinton talk about how she want's a one-world currency? No-brainer, right?

Luckily for Malia, if she had gotten caught with weed on her it would have been nothing more than a slap on the wrist, as Illinois has finally decriminalized marijuana in the state. Now if they can just work on all those pesky homicides.

Guess who else was recently caught smoking weed? Yup, no surprise here.