How To Make Your Own DIY Pain-Relieving Cannabis Topical

Make your healing balm at home with an easy-to-follow DIY recipe. One of the best strains for relieving pain is called ACDC. There's a number of ways to get it into your system either internally or externally. For this project we'll make an external healing balm that won't get you high at all, but will relieve your aches and pains. We're using coconut oil as the vehicle for delivery as it's not very greasy and won't get messy.


Coconut oil - You can't go wrong with Costco brand coconut oil. It's probably the best value on the market.

Small mason jars - Should be widely available at most grocery stores or markets

ACDC cannabis strain - You can use dried flower and infuse it into the coconut oil using our sous vide method but make sure to use a good amount so the healing power is significant. The ACDC needs to be "activated" also known as decarboxylation. You can opt to use an off-the-shelf oil instead like we did. We used a concentrated CBD/ACDC oil that costs $70 (pictured) because we want the healing power to be powerful and it would have cost about the same amount in dried flower. Also, the finished product is cleaner than when using flower. One syringe went into 6 jars.

Copaiba Essential Oil - This is optional. We add it for the smell but you can add your own oil with your favorite aroma.


1. Melt about a 1/2 cup per jar over medium low heat until it's clear liquid.

2. Fill jars with melted coconut oil.

3, Add in concentrated CBD/ACDC oil (or decarboxylated flower). Add in any oils you like for aroma, then shake vigorously.

4. Optional step: We cooked our jars in a sous vide water bath for an hour at 175° to gently help the oils all meld together more. You could accomplish a similar effect by filling a pot with water and putting an upside down dish in the bottom of it. You do that to keep the jars for sitting directly on the bottom of the pot so there's no burnt flavor. Bring to a boil then turn down to a gentle boil for 30-60 minutes.

5. Refrigerate! After it hardens you can leave it at room temperature until it's ready for use.