A true American Iconoclast, Emanuel Bronner was born into a family of Jewish soapmakers, fled Nazi Germany in his youth, became a chemist, patented numerous formulas, including a phenomenally potent hemp-based all-organic peppermint liquid soap.

Calling itself "magical, the label, always covered in solid text, actually claimed you could bathe with it, brush your teeth with it, wash your clothes with it, soothe aches and pains—so all-purpose, it even claimed to have been known to help cure cancer.

Perhaps not surprisingly, given many of his rather eccentric views, Emanuel Bronner was committed to an insane asylum in 1948. Whether it was his claim he was onto a cancer-curing minty soap or the fact he believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, who knows. Regardless, this Spaceship Earth philosophy totally jived with Bronner's most sacred and fundamental beliefs, namely: One God! One God! One God! And, of course, One-Love! One-Love!! One-Love!!!

I mean this quite seriously: The Complete Writings of Dr. Emanuel Bronner, shared in bottle after bottle, was the sum total of my religious education, growing up.

Really, nothing says, Home Sweet, Hippie Home like a tall blue bottle of Dr. Bronner's, so it's pretty thrilling to see this little family-run-"magic"-soap-that-could company corner their share of the mainstream personal products market. They've developed one soap into a full range of new scents and product lines, all using the original formula, and all of which are now sold at Target, for example.

What's a laughably commonplace household product now was nothing less than an everyday liquified hippy freak show back in the day, that's all I'm saying. And/or, Welcome to the Hippie Freak Show, America.