Start Your 90-Day #GetHealthyWithCannabis Challenge

It's a new year which means it's time to get in shape. Last year, the shape I chose apparently was a round shape. There's this thing called a 'dad bod' that fathers of young kids wear with pride, present company included.

My wife and I welcomed our second child in three years into the world early in 2016. If you've ever gone through the early days of a child's life, you know there's three things you don't get much of—sleep, trips to the gym and a healthy diet.

With the first kid I was able to keep things in check, but during the second pregnancy and post-delivery days I became enamoured with carbs in all its delicious, wonderful forms. Beer, bread, pizza, beer, sugar, tortillas, beer, you name it. I couldn't get carbs down my pie hole fast enough.

But carbs are no friend of your waistline.

You know it's time to start getting in shape when you go to put your khakis on during the holidays and have trouble with the button. In my case, one day in December I found putting on my "nice" pants turned out to be an adventure. The pants have a button—not one of those slide on metal tabs—one single button to act as the keystone for everything it was holding in.

On this particular day I went to close my pants and button them, but had to inhale and hold my breath until the button was secured in place.

Then I had to sloooowly let the air out and ease my waist up against that button. You don't want to go too fast or it could cause the dam to break. You want to gently add pressure to the newly buttoned slacks until you get get a belt through the belt loops. Then you can pull your hands away and see what that button is made of.

In my case, the button wasn't made of much. It started to quiver as it tried in vain to hold my carb locker in. Before I could get reinforcements in place (my belt) the button was no match for the immense pressure it was tasked with holding in. The button shot off like a bullet and flew across the room sticking in the all like a chinese star. If that's not a sign to get healthy, I don't know what is.

Now that cannabis is legal recreationally or medically in over half the U.S. and in other parts of the world, we wanted to challenge people to get healthy with cannabis. We got together with our resident medical cannabis experts and put together a plan for getting healthy with the benefit of cannabis.

Benefits of Adding Cannabis Into Your Getting Healthy Routine:

  • A recent study showed 60% of participants used cannabis to curb the desire for alcohol (those calories add up!).
  • The right strain can boost your body's energy.
  • Cannabis can reduce depression by 75%*.
  • Over 50 hemp food products are available at stores like Whole Foods.
  • Basic cooking ingredients can be infused with non-psychoactive cannabis.
  • Sore muscles can be treated with various CBD topicals to ease the pain.
  • Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it.
Here's one example game plan for the week. There's so many ways to work cannabis into your workout routine and diet. Share your ideas online using the hashtag and we may feature you.

Show the world how you #GetHealthyWithCannabis by posting on any social site with the hashtag. We'll feature you in weekly diary updates. Show us how you use cannabis before, during or after your workout. Post your favorite recipes that use cannabis in a healthy way. Inspire others to look past the stigma of cannabis and realize its immense health benefits.

Useful recipe ideas made with cannabis to get started:

Strawberry Pea Smoothie Recipe


A Matcha Made in Heaven Smoothie


Taters Gonna Tate Sweet Potato & Orange Hemp Seed Smoothie


Wake n' Bake Avocado Toast


Cannabis-Infused Meatballs

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