There's so many cannabis-infused grocery items these days we could fill a Whole Foods with all the choices consumers have. From pot-infused beer and Nutella-ish cannabis chocolate spread to ice cream with a THC kick, it was inevitable there would be a quality blend of cannabis and coffee.

A new startup called BrewBudz based in California is set to ride the wave of legalization. BrewBudz makes single-brew coffee pods a la Keurig but with a kiss of THC or CBD.

According to the BrewBudz website:

"The Brewbudz product uses a patented process to take advantage of the cannabis flowers full benefits, allowing all the natural cannabinoids present in the flower to be consumed in your coffee."

Someone at the company was paying attention to consumer trends besides just putting pot in your coffee. The coffee pods (or podz) are 100% compostable and are made from the upcycled skins of roasted coffee beans along with other organic and sustainable materials. BrewBudz claims their coffee pods can break down into compost in as little as five weeks without leaving a trace.

The company explains its patented process ensures high quality extraction of THC and CBD from the plant essentially "creating a cannabis or hemp-enriched beverage." So far, the product selection consists of coffee, tea or cocoa. BrewBudz are designed to work with Keurig-esque single serving coffee machines.

But the goal isn't just to get you high, the company promises to "blend multiple types of cannabis to support a range of medical conditions."

Whether starting your day off with an iced sativa coffee for energy and productivity, or putting down landing gear with a decaffeinated indica tea, BrewBudz wants to deliver the goodness of cannabis with every cup.