Alternative Medical Marijuana Consumption Methods

Whilst the most well-known form of consuming marijuana is by smoking it, not everyone – especially those who use it for medical purposes want to smoke it. Regardless of the research showing that there is no physical harm in smoking pure medical marijuana, a lot of people find the smell especially of smoking, puts them off.

That doesn't mean however that they can't consume it in different ways. There are a number of ways that you can get marijuana into your system, and this is especially important for children and older people. However, with these different consummation options, the potency and its effect can be different.

So, what are some of the options for consuming medical marijuana?


Edibles include foods such as the traditional cakes and biscuits, but now also a whole range of other edible products are available thanks to the changes in law and creativity of people. Other products include those made from marijuana infused butter or olive oil, chocolate bars, crackers, chewy bars and even drinks and teas.

Edibles are a good way to consume medical marijuana as it goes straight into your stomach. It gives long lasting relief and you can be very precise in the dosage – although you are advised to determine dosages with your doctor as the amount that you need can vary according to age, weight metabolic weight etc.

The medical marijuana can take longer to take effect than smoking, and remember that you will need to lock them away from children and pets.


Another common way of consuming medical marijuana is through 'vaping'. This is where you add a small amount of the cannabis flower or extract into a vaping machine. This heats up to a temperature where the medicinal compounds will be released. This vapour is then inhaled. There are a number of different vaporisers, from larger ones to keep in the home, to the small e-cigarette type pen.

Vaping, like smoking is a good way to get the medicinal components into your body but of course doesn't have the smell which regular smoking does. Vaporisers can be expensive, need time to warm up and also need to be charged regularly.


Suppositories are another good option for those who want to avoid smoking. A cone-shaped mass of cannabis extract is inserted directly into the rectum. This method is preferred by some people as it is fast acting and also lasts for a long time.

The down-side to using suppositories is that they can be difficult to insert unless you are well-practised and that the dosage is pre-determined.

Under the Tongue

Sub-lingual sprays are a mixture of the cannabinoids with alcohol, coconut oil or MCT oil which can then be sprayed under the tongue. It takes effect relatively fast (although not as fast as smoking) gives you a pretty good dosage control and of course doesn't come with the side effects of smoking.

This is why under the tongue solutions are great for children.

Topical Solutions

There are some problems which can be helped by the application of topical solutions. Issues such as arthritis, skin complaints and joint pain can be helped through the application of creams, lotions and gels with medical marijuana infused into them. These lotions and potions won't give you the 'high' but you will get the medicinal benefits.

You have very little dosage control, but you can really use them as much as you need. You should, however try to use a substance which is relevant to the condition that you are suffering.

The benefits of medical marijuana are becoming increasingly well-known and as more and more people are turning towards medical cannabis, new ways of consuming it are becoming available. With such a range of products everybody from the very young to the very old are able to enjoy the benefits that it gives.