5 Artistic Joints You Need To Be Rolling Now

Today's generation has taken joint rolling to the next level. The art of joint rolling is now the talk of the cannabis community. Who can roll a bigger joint? Who can sculpt the best looking doob on the planet? Here we take a look at some of the most insane looking joints stoners have created yet:

The Braided Joint AKA The Triple-Platt

This takes no time to put together. Start with the basics of rolling three separate joints. Put the three joints together using a small rubber band.Then start to slowly layer the three joints together to form one braid. Put a filter like a raw tip around the top of the three joints and seal in place with a piece of the gum material cut off of a rolling paper. Not only is this sure to be a triple threat but also will impress your friends with your artistic skills!

Here's a video from Super Smokers on YouTube showing how to roll it:

The Scorpion Joint

With the scorpion joint things start to get a little tricky. You will need a small pair of scissors to make incisions. As you can see you will need two long thick joints and two smaller ones varying in size. Once the main body of the joint is rolled, use the scissors to poke three holes about an inch a part from each other and use the twist method to slowly twist each joint through each incision until your final product looks like the above picture. You will also need an extra hand to help light the ends for you. Your friends may even start calling you the scorpion king after this awesome doob.

420guide shows us how it's done:

Total Zen Joint

It looks like you will need more than just a gram of flower to twist up. It also looks as if once you get it rolled you may never be able to light such a true piece of art on fire. Be sure to take photos so you can prove you somehow managed to roll this unbelievable beauty. I'm assuming you pull from the bottom of the legs, which then takes on a whole new meaning of bottoms up!

The Elephant Joint

One elephant you won't find out in the wild! This beauty isn't as difficult as she looks. The process begins usually by rolling a cone with your rolling papers. Make a set of tusks for this guy and stick on the ears. Voila. Enjoy as this one is sure to take a while to burn through. Remember sharing is caring so grab some friends and always puff puff pass.

The Claw!

This joint was made famous by Cypress Hill around 2008 on BREAL.TV. This joint will require lots of flower rolled into 4 joints. While 4 may seem excessive, the claw is never a disappointment.

B Real shows us how it's done: