Despite Everyone's Best Efforts on 420, There Were Zero Deaths From Marijuana

Another year has come and gone. Four-twenty 2016 edition is in the books and the smoke has started to clear (sort of). Tons of flower was smoked, miles of dabs were inhaled and tens of thousands of people hung out with their friends at 420 festivals or at home with Netflix.

The one statistic that stands head and shoulders above them all is the number of overdoses from marijuana during 420 celebrations: None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. As in nada single person overdosed on cannabis keeping the streak going.


The Huffington Post reported absolutely zero deaths from cannabis from year to year, but showed figures by the Centers of Disease Control indicating 17,465 people died in 2014 from overdosing on illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs including painkillers.


Opioid overdoses spiked in 2014 over the previous year triggering the CDC to call it an "epidemic". And then there's alcohol. Booze is killing Americans at a rate not seen in 35 years, according to a Washington Post analysis of federal data. A reported 30,700 Americans died from alcohol related causes in 2015, and that's not including drunk driving statistics; a metric that would almost triple the number of deaths in the U.S..

Although cannabis has yet to lead to a fatal overdose, it has been shown to have the possibility of being abused and is still vigorously opposed by anti-marijuana groups, including those backed by the pharmaceutical industry. Nearly 60% of Americans are in favor of legalization cannabis, thanks in part to better information available on the internet.

If 420 showed us anything, it showed those most likely to suffer during the holiday are the people working at Taco Bell or at pizza delivery drivers.

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