What's Legal And What's Not In Upside Down America


Alcohol — Despite its cultural acceptance, alcohol is a sneaky addictive substance that can tear families apart, cause long term health issues, make family get togethers awkward and contributes to drunk driving.

Pain Pills + Pharmaceuticals — Despite side effects and addiction, pain pills kill over 15,000 people every year. But hey, they're legal so go for it.

Cigarettes — They're addictive and they kill more people every year than drugs and alcohol. Yet tobacco lobbyists.

Gambling — When media companies are investors in online gambling sites like Draft Kings or Fan Duel (who pass themselves off as "skill" sites), it's a dangerous mix. Like alcohol, pain pills and cigarettes, gambling can be highly addictive and can rip families apart.

But according to a John Oliver report, the NFL, NBA, MLB along with 21 Century Fox, Time Warner, ESPN, Comcast, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots all have a financial interest in these gambling sites. That's part of the reason you saw one of their ads every 90 seconds in 2015.

Guns — One of the hottest cultural debates in America right now. They're legal.


Cannabis — Despite the growing list of medical benefits, zero reported deaths ever, decreased teen use where legal, substantial tax revenue for states that have legalized and compared to the 4 things listed above, cannabis has the cleanest track record. Yet it remains illegal. It's like wiping your butt first, then taking a shit. It's completely upside down.

The reason: large companies haven't figured out how to make piles of cash from it yet. Once they do, Big Marijuana will be a reality. Comment or share below: