What To Do If You Get Too High

You ate your first edible, didn't you? Your buddies said it was strong and to go slow. It's all good. I've been there too and lived to write the tale.

Remember, you're just really high. It will pass. To help you land safely back on Earth, here's some tips.

You're not dying! Breathe, and relax.

Don't panic! Don't call 911! Don't drive to the hospital and tell them why you think you're dying!

Sit down, breathe deeply and slowly, and remember THC has never killed anyone. This would be a good time to look at the ceiling and follow one stucco line as far as you can while you come down.

You're too damn high!giphy.com

Don't try to walk it off!

Dizziness is a thing, ya know? There was one time I had a Girl Scout Cookie edible. It was only 120mg (so I thought) so I ate the entire thing. It was delicious! Then, the high never stopped and the world lived on a kaleidoscope. Don't paint the walls with edible by walking it off. Sleep it off, champ.

Yep, it's like thatbuzzfeed.com

This could take a while…

It depends on you how long this will last. Do you weigh a 125 lbs and never tried weed before? Did you just eat the whole brownie?

Ride the wave.giphy

You might be high for a couple hours up to a day. No worries, though! You just gave yourself a free pass to pass the time to...

Do what you love!

Right now is a great time to:

  • Listen to some music
  • Take a bath
  • Play a video game
  • Take an extra nap
  • Color in a book. Brownie points (see what we did there?) for finger painting


Snoop Dogg had an idea

Stuff your face in mayonnaise

From the Doggfather himselfxxlmag.com

Seriously, though…

No one has died from weed. Anxiety and paranoia may occur sometimes but there's a household remedy for that. Grab some munchies, cuddle with that special someone, play some video games, drink water, and you'll be just fine.

For immediate action (if you have things to do today) you can try taking a high dose of CBD oil. CBD and THC cancel each other out so that CBD dose may be the ticket to initiate the landing gears. Make sure you take enough CBD or else you might get even more stoned.

Science is fun! What tricks do you have for when you get too high? Leave a comment on Facebook.