12 Vintage Cannabis Medicine Bottles

It's always interesting to go back through history to a time when cannabis was considered a medicine. If there was a cannabis museum, we think these vintage medicine bottles would be on display:

1. If these cannabis extract capsules from McKesson & Robbins existed today they would be in high demand.

via hashmuseum

2. Tinctures - still popular even in 2016.

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3. When you see the label you know you're in luck.

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4. Hashish? Yes, please!

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5. Generic containers for what ails ya.

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6. The Sharp & Dohme bottle would be considered "cool design" today.

via antique cannabis book

7. Just a little ointment used topically will do ya.

via why not news

8. Interesting to see it used for colic.

via cannabiscure

9. Now that's just a cool bottle.

10. One pint of cannabis elixir offered by Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

11. Parke-Davis once marketed cannabis like aspirin.

12. The term "Indian Cannabis" used to make it sound like an eastern medicine.

*Bonus Round - how about some heroin to help you with ... whatever heroin is used for.