Check Out The Trailer For Viceland's New Show 'Weediquette'

Vice's new TV channel Viceland will be premiering a show on March 1 at 11pm called Weediquette. Show host Krishna Andavolu covers the current climate of marijuana from politics and economics to parents fighting to help their children with cannabis oil.

Filmmaker Spike Jonze will co-run the show originally started as a web series on Andavolu says, "We're at an age we probably won't go through again in our lifetime—watching an illicit substance become legal."

The show's first episode follows cancer patients who are trying cannabis as a remedy for their pain from chemo as well as for possible tumor-shrinking properties. "There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of people treating themselves with high-powered THC oil and even giving it to their kids," Andavolu said. "But it's not necessarily evidenced by science."

Andavolu admits to being a weed smoker himself. Vice is well known for having a rebellious journalistic spirit. Andavaolu says there was a conscious effort to present a balanced view of the subject. "We're trying to give an incisive view of this and question things that are given as facts," he said.

He went on to add, "We're not hiding the fact that we think weed should be legal and people shouldn't be in jail for it. But we're asking does this make sense, legally, morally, politically? When it doesn't, we're not afraid to take emotional and political sides of the issue,"