Daily Design #11: The Cloud Critic

Think of The Cloud Critic as a Consumer Reports of vaporizers. Only stylish. And animated. But still, it looks great; reads great. The man is well-versed in vape and always keeps his reviews accessible—you want the MacGyver of vaporizers, Jaime's got you covered. If you want a Ferrari model of portable vaporizers, he recommends the Firefly2.

Best of all, The Cloud Critic's perfected the best vape rating system in cannabis. Word.

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    <p>Equally insightful and authentic; rather than showing off how he much he knows on the subject, you get the distinct feeling that he genuinely wants to steer a reader/consumer/fellow traveller in the right direction. That he wants to save us all the trial and error and time and money he has not saved over the past many years and dollars.<br></p><p>What shines through is that Jaime began The Cloud Critic simply because he wanted to learn more on the subject, started learning, started writing what he learned down, got in a rhythm, and kept going . . . it's inspiring to see what one person can do with a website in this space. </p><p>And as cannabis-tech reviews go, The Cloud Critic is as sleek as spliff can get. But totally down-to-earth at the same time. Which is why I strongly recommend this site for anyone in the market, from absolute beginner to Formula1 vaper, and all the rest of us in between.</p>