Battling PTSD with High Dose CBD - This Veteran's View

Recovering from military-related injuries is a fun process. Not what you were expecting, right?

Well, I see things a little differently. Let me explain.

When a problem is presented I immediately ask a couple questions - what information do I have and is there an easier way than the current solution?

Right now, the problem is that Veterans are dying every day for a senseless reason. We over prescribe and lack fundamental listening skills when it comes to treating Veterans returning from combat or service. There is a lifestyle and cultural mentality ingrained into the sinew and blood of service members. Understanding and speaking their language when they return is crucial to help them find their place to build a future.

My journey after the military was an interesting one. When I first got home I cleared out a space in the parent's garage. It had a rug, a couch, a TV and Guitar Hero. It wasn't much but after living in one of the coldest military bases and one of the hottest war zones I was content. I was home.

From there I continued my personal training ventures during the economic downturn of 2008 and worked at a local chain gym while attending school full time. In addition to everything else I found a new passion for helping special needs children. Job offers came and went for higher-paying work but I chose to spend my hours for less pay following my passion - helping others.

Cannabis - Against the Rules

Growing up I wasn't familiar with cannabis thus it was automatically something I avoided. Offers to try it were ignored and "those kids" weren't who I hung out with. Never understood it but also never knew I needed it.

When I returned to Arizona my back was still very much in the healing stages. I refused all surgery and most prescription treatments. For me, the pain was a tool to shape my resolve. I already made it home from combat. Figuring out how to fix my back should be simple.

It wasn't, it isn't, but it's manageable.

Lifting heavy weights would be counter-intuitive for most, correct? I found that doing heavy deadlifts, leg press, glute bridges, and training my body to function with heavier weights allowed it to compensate for the instability. As long as there are no spasms, again only my opinion, heavy training was beneficial for healing the issue. Even the physical therapists were surprised at what balance and control I had yet the smallest misstep meant falling into the wall for support.

Another time, I reached into the fridge to get some yogurt.

Spasm. Okay, I'll just lay down for an hour. At least the tile is chilly.

The point is that life was a very day-to-day fragility maintained by the level of dedication I put forth towards personal health. It wasn't maintained with prescription pills, anti-inflammatories, steroids or any other typical treatment. Instead it was through drive and research into the workings of the human body.

Also, a lot of cannabis. I mean... a lot.

Subjectively Scaling

You might be amazed how much cannabis it takes to actually heal some conditions. For example, this last week I had back spasms that kept me sitting in a recliner for the better part of the day. Walking had planned paths for support to move around the house .

Kind of like

    <p>My dosing for the spasms this past week looked like this:</p><p>Nearly an ounce of whole plant cannabis - various strains testing above 20%<br>1 Timeless Clear cartridge - 500 mg THC<br>1 600mg Baked Bros drink<br>2 300 mg candies (Dosed at 40 mg per 2 hours)<br>4 100 mg Timeless CBD capsules over two days</p><h3>Lessons for you</h3><ul><li>You can't inhale enough cannabis to relieve serious pain.</li><li>Edibles helped to a degree though never rid the body of pain fully.</li><li>High dose CBD capsules were the best trick. Knocked out the pain, increased range of movement, and lasted much longer than anything else.</li></ul><div>CBD completely kicked ass. Several hours after sitting in a recliner for the 5th day in a row, a friend gave me a couple CBD capsules. 200mg of activated CBD later and I was ready to speak in front of a crowded room full of my peers. </div><div>You can read more of<a href="" target="_blank"> that story and my message here</a>. Like, comment or share if you found value in my words. </div><p>Find out more at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p>Together, let's share our stories so that others who don't or can't explore cannabis can benefit from knowing others found hope. Southwest Healing Group's goal is to promote high quality cannabis discussion for the multitude of symptoms and diseases it shows potential to treat.</p><p>Dan Schmink</p><p>Executive Director and Founder</p><p>Southwest Healing Group</p>