Watch: The Basics of Buying Pot at a Dispensary

Buying cannabis products from a dispensary for the first time might seem a bit intimidating for people who may live in a state where legalization is a new thing. Knowing how to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable is something more and more patients will need to know.

Dispensaries and the budtenders who work there are there to help you (ideally). Occasionally, there may be budtenders who might know a lot about weed, but may not know how to guide a newbie through all the things to know. It's not much different than a wine steward at a restaurant. Some might have an extensive knowledge, but not all of them are good at finding the right wine for you. A good budtender will listen to you patiently and then make a recommendation with thoughtful articulation as to why they think it's a good match for you.

We found a helpful video guide that will empower beginners to enter a dispensary with confidence and feel comfortable.