Design Daily #7: Catchtilly, If You Can

This is one of the best shop descriptions I've come across: "Catchtilly is a progressive store in Austin, Texas hinging on all things smoke-related." And I admit that I've never, not once in my life, thought of a weed shop in any type of mercantile-y/ish framework. Then again, I've never happened upon such a humorous, playful and light-hearted site with so many truly adorable smoke-related pieces SOLD OUT.

In fact, half of the Catchtilly online shop is SOLD OUT. And no wonder: they have me ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the Red Plant Pottery Sleepy Pipe and cooing over the Studio B incense dish. Seriously, how often do you ever hear a grown woman say the words, "Get. Out. How. Cute. Is THAT?" About anything even remotely related to weed paraphernalia.

And that's it, exactly: at Catchtilly, it's not about paraphernalia, it's about accessories; bringing a bit of your own personality and flair. And just when you fear they could get a little too young in spirit, Catchtilly turn and flash you with their signature "Lady Logo" tote. Saucy, indeed. But if you're interested in a more sophisticated approach, take a look at Christina Haines's Black-and-White marble pipe; it's downright elegant.

In all sincerity, hats off to these Texan proprietress(es), Amanda Farris and Laura Uhlir, for creating this delicious cupcake party of a smoke shop. And I'm sure if you send a nice note, they'll contact you as soon as half their online inventory is back in stock.