15 Wacky Stoner Confessions

We've all done crazy shit while high. Luckily there's an app called Whisper where people can share those stories anonymously for the rest of the world to enjoy:

1. Freudian Slip?

2. Gives 'pig in a blanket' a whole new meaning

3. Paranoia will destroy ya

4. 😂😂😂

5. Busted!

6. That sounds more like LSD than weed.

7. ¿Que es la problema?

8. Little did you know he was caught by his C3 P.O.

9. That happens to the best of us.

10. Consider it a new leaf on life.

11. LOL "man mom"

12. Try the 'mellow' setting.

13. You are not alone on this one. Tried it many times!

    <h2>14. You should get let off with a warning for that answer.</h2>
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    <h2>15. Better to be safe.</h2>
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