You Have To See Snoop Dogg Narrate New Nature Documentary Footage

The internet blew up a few months ago when Snoop Dogg narrated a nature video showing an alligator fighting off some weasels or something like that. It didn't matter what the video was about. Just listening to Snoop Dogg talk over nature documentary footage is a beautiful thing. The idea was born out of a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! called Plizzanet Earth.

People loved it so much there was a petition to get Snoop to do more of it. He listened and gave the people what they wanted. Snoop Dogg's new nature documentary series Planet Snoop on YouTube is an instant classic showing the artist narrating endless hours of animals doing whatever it is animals do in nature.

Squirrel vs. Snake

The video starts off with immediate gratification. Just seeing the footage showing two natural enemies squaring off with Snoop's voice talking over the scene let's you know you're in for a good time.


Now it might seem like a no-brainer. The snake just has to bite the squirrel and it's over, right? Wrong. Snoop quickly realizes that squirrel isn't just a cute furry little critter. That squirrel can get scrappy. Hearing Snoop describe it is priceless.


After the battle went down the way it did, Snoop wasn't sure what to make of it. And that's what we love about this series.


There was a whole series of Plizzanet Earth segments from a few years ago. As a bonus we went back through the archives and found some of the funnier episodes:

Snow Leopard v. Prey

"Down the hill he go....Is that an albino tiger?"

Snakes and Bats

The Great White Shark

That's cold blooded...