21 Examples of How Smoking Weed Led to Innovation

They say smoking weed leads to using other drugs. We beg to differ. We think smoking weed leads to building shit and innovation. Problem solving skills seem to go next level after getting lifted, and these people prove it:

1. Genius Food Hacking.

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File this one under: why didn't I think of that?

2. In search of free wifi.

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Well played, my friend. And you didn't even have to leave your room.

3. Parenting is much simpler when you figure out how to manage your kid.

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Grocery basket not needed.

4. Spontaneous outwear hack.


I bet his arms are crossed under there and he's saying, "hmmmpf!"

5. What hole? There's no hole in my sock.

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Now you can wear your Tevas.

6. When you're in college and on a tight budget.

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And can I see the dessert menu?

7. Ensure your kid gets their fruit for the day.

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Teething? Check. Baby is in a protective environment? Check.

8. Next level plumbing hack.

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Beer cans...not just for smoking out of.

9. When you have the munchies so bad you can't wait.

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Is that the Verticcoli BaByliss PRO??

10. When you REALLY need to grate some cheese and all you have is a computer.

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Just in quesadilla.

11. When Domino's employees have been left unattended too long.

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Know your target audience.

12. Cocktail hour hack.

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When it's time for drinks and you don't have any mixer except your kid's fruit pouch.

13. Stealth Storage.

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Booze could be smuggled in these, but so could sticky buds when it's time to head out on the town.

14. How do I swipe right?

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When you're single and don't have time to do the dating thing, just cut to the chase.

15. When your hotel room doesn't come with cereal bowls.

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No bowl? No problem. The trash can works just as well.

16. Next level laziness.

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I laid here so I could read my phone without having to hold it. That was two hours ago.

17. Need toilet paper but all I have is paper towels.

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Who's turn was it to buy the TP?

18. Use your imagination. This kid did:

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And to think, there are kids in other countries without clean drinking water.

19. Necessity leads to innovation.

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"Waaaaait a second...the toilet paper roll is made out of paper..."

20. Too high to drive, but you still want a 20-piece McNuggets.

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Sometimes you just get the munchies and nothing is going to stop you.

21. For a cool refreshing finish on your bong rip.

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Personally, I like putting chilled Kiwi Strawberry Snapple in mine, but to each their own.