11 Pipes You Can Make Out of Food

Smoking weed from a pipe made out of food is practically a rite of passage for most weed smokers. If you haven't fired up bowl out of something you can buy at Safeway, stop reading this article and go try it right now, then come back. If you need inspiration, we've uncovered a few pipes you'll be able to make at home. Who said you don't learn anything in Home Ec class?

11. The Starburst Pipe

One of Starburst's best features is when you keep them in your pocket for a while they get all soft and malleable. When they reach that Play-Doh consistency is the perfect time to do two things that go great together—smoke a bowl and satisfy your munchies.

The Starburst Pipe isn't rocket science. Hell, rocket science isn't really even rocket science anymore. Wait, what? To make the pipe start with the bowl. Shape the soft Starburst around a finger tip and work it into shape. Use a second piece of candy and add to the bowl so the heat from the lighter doesn't melt it. I think that's called—how you say—reinforcing it?

Once the bowl is shaped around your finger tip, gradually add onto it building a handle. It takes about one full package of Starbursts to make this pipe. But hey, once you hit that shit and get lifted, you'll be able to satisfy your munchies ASAP.

If you can't quite get your Michelangelo skills going, you can just jam a few of them together end to end and do it the lazy way:


10. Snickers Really DOES satisfy

In all honesty, neither Snickers nor 3 Musketeers (pictured) are a good idea. You need something that would melt into hot lava instantly all over your hand once you put the flame to the bowl. Butterfinger is a good option. That crunchy center can withstand a little heat, and in fact it actually hardens into a delicious diamond.

9. The Melon

Fire up a nug and get your fruit serving at the same time. You'll feel fucking accomplished you won't know what to do with yourself. Pfffffft and they say stoners are lazy. To make it, just take a pencil or something pencil sized that isn't a pencil and make a hole at the top. Push through to the center, then do the same on the smoking end. Push that thing that isn't a pencil all the way into the middle so the two little tunnels meet.

8. Out of banana

cole saldino | Thrillist

Know what improves the flavor of weed? Bananas! And they freshen your breath at the same time. Er, maybe that's apples. No, I'm pretty sure it's a banana. Unless it's an apple. Scratch that, it's actually an apple that makes your breath fresher. But wouldn't smoking out of a banana be better?

7. The cucumber

Apparently this was Freud's favorite way to smoke weed. Not sure why, but I tell you what, it tastes refreshing! Know how tasty cucumbers can be on a salad or with some sort of spread on it like a cracker? Yeah, that but while you're smoking out of it.

6. We make a great pear

photo: Cole Saldino | Thrillest

When an apple isn't available, a pear a day will keep the doctor away. Especially when you hollow out an L-shaped tunnel inside of it. At one end is the mouth piece, on the other end is the bowl. Use the kitchen thingy of your choosing and see what's up and carve out the path for the smoke. Because the pear is a little fragile, maybe take a little foil and build a bowl to put into the fruit.

5. The proverbial carrot

Food Pipes 101 all the way. If it's not an apple, it's the easy-to-find, easy-to-work with carrot that is a popular food item for making a pipe out of. The carrot is forgiving, unlike the apple or the pear. Shit, you can carve a flute out of a carrot if you wanted to. Well, maybe not a flute but a recorder. When's the last time you played Hot Crossed Buns on a recorder? When you're done smoking, you can try it and check it off your bucket list.

4. The spicy jalepeño

Cole Saldino | Thrillest

Be careful when making the jalepeño pipe, aka El Pipé. You could get those little seeds on your fingers and then you could rub your eyes and burn the shit out of your eyes. I've done it and it sucks. Wear rubber gloves or oven mitts. Not necessarily while making this pipe, just in general.

3. When you're ready to crush that squash

Cole Saldino | Thrillest

Nothing will make you feel like an Eagle Scout quite like trying to smoke out of a home made squash pipe. They're kind of soft inside and give off a weird flavor. But the good news is it's a longer instrument, so you can smoke in peace without the smell of burning eyebrows like with those smaller pipes where the bowl is right by your face.

2. Breadsticks


We wouldn't recommend this if you're trying to watch your carbs. Or if you have a gluten thing. For some reason Pizza Hut breadsticks make a delicious alternative because the bread is hard enough to carve out with a skewer, but it also has some sort of buttery garlic goodness that's just downright delicious.

1. The apple

    <p>I know, it's kind of a boring #1 but it's the apple for fucksake. Who hasn't smoked out of an apple? What do you think the chances are that Steve Jobs really was smoking weed out of an apple when he came up with the name for Apple Computers? They say he was living on an Apple Orchard in Oregon when he came up with it, so you never know.</p>