5 Organic Marijuana Growers In Oregon You Should Know

Green October has arrived in Oregon! As of today, over 240 medical dispensaries across the state are opening their doors to anyone 21 and up. Here are ten dispensaries we recommend, but you can check the rest of the list here. People can purchase up to 7g of flower, 4 clones, and however many seeds you'd like.

There's no limit on how many shops you visit, meaning the average shopper will be checking out at least a dozen different flower brands while perusing the shelves. Although the state holds plenty of decent growers, there's a handful with exceptionally high standards for organic product with remarkable genes.

Be on the look-out for these farms during your next pick-up at an Oregon dispensary:


Instagram photo by Sean Mager • Oct 14, 2015 at 4:57pm UTC

    <p>This farm stands apart by going above and beyond the minimum mold, mildew, and pesticide testing currently required in Oregon. They care about controlled consistency, emphasizing the importance of the "entourage effect" of a proper terpene profile, rather than just high THC concentrations. The proof is in the bong rip: I tried a 21% THC nug of their 
<a href="https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/golden-goat"><u>Golden Goat</u></a>, and felt a more sensory, longer-lasting high than many strains I'd tried around 26-27%.<br></p><p>


A Clean Green certified farm, Green Bodhi has set a high standard for organic, medical-grade products, including flower, dabbable concentrates, and tinctures. In a recent collaboration with Evolvd Organics processors, GB flower is now available in vape cartridge form as well. From the Hazy Kush to the Golden Pineapple, every strain is painstakingly curated to its fullest potential.


One of Oregon's best boutique gardens, this farm keeps a solid handful of strains on rotation in an indoor grow, thus building a reliable reputation of high quality in the community. Their Bruce Banner and Cherry Kush are the standouts in the bunch, as well as an exceptional Platinum cut of Girl Scout Cookies and Cannatonic for those seeking a strain with more significant CBD content.


Another Clean Green Certified farm, this farm has helped direct the conversation around organic marijuana agriculture towards cutting edge solutions, and starting with the soil. They encourage a deeper understanding of the microbes that affect a plant's growth, resulting in optimal nutrition for every stage, from planting to trimming to the shelf. The spacey Sweet Tooth and the Matanuska Thunder Fuck are among my favorites, but stick to MTF if you've got work to do.


Named for their vertical grow system, this farm is innovative when it comes to difficult strains. They turned low-yielding strains into booming giants by adjusting light placement and re-orienting plants so they don't end up like shrubs in a traditional, "flat garden." The unconventional method has allowed him to cultivate rarer strains Sour Al and Cherry Lopez, both of which tend to test around 30% THC.

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