How This Man's Struggle With Epilepsy Is Helped With Cannabis

If you have ever had a family member/friend/spouse or even yourself experience or be diagnosed with epilepsy, you understand how terrifying it is. One of the biggest medicinal marijuana breakthroughs recently has been the benefits of CBD on epilepsy patients.

Epilepsy is a serious medical condition that affects over two million americans with no known cure. The main non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana known as CBD, is being used right now in studies on patients ranging from toddlers to elders. There has been a 50/50 result in most patients. Some resulted in having seizures drop to a minimal amount, while some patients resulted in having a worse outcome.

I met my current boyfriend Jeff three years ago in North Carolina. After getting the X-box connect he started experiencing grand mal seizures. At 27 years old he was diagnosed with epilepsy and immediately given the pharmaceutical drug Phenytoin. Four months into our relationship and I experienced one of his episodes. That moment is absolutely terrifying because there is not much you can do for the person having a seizure. I have watched him suffer from seizures for the last three years.

One of the bigger reasons we moved to California was so he could medicate properly and legally under state law. Like many epilepsy patients he was put on prescription medication that was causing loss of eyesight, depression and damaging his kidneys. We started doing research about medicating with marijuana and learned right away to start with Indica and CBD strains. When medicating on CBD strains he can go two months without a seizure. Until we find a solution that works for him, he is currently on Kepra as a treatment for the seizures.

I call him a superhero because of what he has to endure, he is my superhero everyday. My heart goes out to the children who suffer from this condition that have no access to either prescription or medicinal marijuana as some states have approved for patients. This is a very serious medical condition that really needs a ton of attention. Find ways to help us fight this cause by checking out or find petitions about Legalizing Cannabis on Not allowing those who suffer from a serious medical condition a safer route to a cleaner medication versus a pharmaceutical drug with horrid side effects is just inhumane.