Buckle Up Friends — Moon Rocks Get You Really, Really High

A friend of mine had the chance to meet Snoop Dogg during SXSWi this year. The obvious question was, "what was it like to smoke with a legend like Snoop?" He started telling me about these moon rocks and how they live up to their name. Moon Rocks are made by taking buds of an already potent strain high in THC, then they're dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief.

Basically, one hit from a moon rock lifts you to outer space.

Like other rappers, Snoop and Kurupt have their own brand of moon rocks. Girl Scout Cookies is rumored to be the creation of a famous rapper, but it's also a bit of legend and lore who actually developed the real Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Kurupt's Moon Rock is a brand you can find up and down the west coast and seems to have a fairly loyal following. Gil from weedmaps took a turn with a Star Budz moon rock. Watch and enjoy!