I Gave My Mom Medical Cannabis For Her Multiple Sclerosis—Here's What Happened

My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis thirty five years ago. Since that first diagnosis, I've watched her suffer. I've watched her deteriorate. I've watched her try every new treatment that came along, all while waiting in vain.

One thing they don't tell you when you have a loved one fighting a disease is when they try a "new" medicine there's always side effects. At times, I wasn't sure which was worse—the disease or all the side effects she had to endure along the way.

The quest to find out if cannabis was truly a medicine that could help her inspired the creation of WeedHorn. We launched the site on 4/20 of last year to be a place with educational and entertaining information.

In 1995, my mom won a lottery for the chance to be one of the first people to start injecting herself with Beta Interferon every other day. Back then it seemed like a blessing to "win" the chance to give herself shots with a needle in her arms and legs. She did that for almost twenty years.

Then about ten years ago she started having seizures. The first one she had couldn't have happened at a more perfect time. She used to volunteer at Boulder Hospital in Boulder, Colorado. She was leaving the hospital and was literally about ten yards from the emergency room when it hit.

Now, she's in her late 60's and dealing with all the garden variety ailments that come with old age, ailments compounded by years of M.S..

Not only does my mom suffer from seizures and extreme pain in her joints. Her muscles have atrophied to the point where her left leg just sort of hangs from her body. She can still walk upright, but she drags her purplish-red left foot like dead weight.

In 2003 I left my job as a branding guy at NIKE and moved back home to Boulder, Colorado to take care of her. I began growing cannabis plants and really started trying to understand it beyond something that got people high. That was the first time I heard the term 'CBD'.

Over time I've shared various nuggets of cannabis knowledge from the internet with my mom letting her know cannabis could help her treat the disease. Gradually, she began to open up to the idea medical marijuana might be able to help.

Then, finally she said after her last seizure, "I don't want to inhale anything. But I'm ready to try". That's when I went online and tried finding ways to not only get CBD oil, but get CBD oil that could we could get into her system somehow.

I think she was getting tired of all the pain in her joints and not being able to sleep. At most, she could sleep 2 hours at a time if she was lucky. She looked like a wreck all cracked out.

We tried a few different edible products, but most of those resulted in bad experiences. Luckily, she didn't give up on the idea cannabis could help her despite some nights where she couldn't even move. One night she ate a chocolate made with 25mg of indica. She tried to get up to use the bathroom but couldn't move.

Finally, a few months ago we came across a CBD oil made in Sonoma (where we now live). After trying various cannabis products, we found the product that would deliver on all the promises I had been making to her all these years.

She immediately started feeling better. Her pain and inflammation went down over night. She started sleeping all night long. She started smiling again.

Jeez, I can't believe it's taken this long.

I just took her to her neurologist 2 weeks ago. Her neurologist couldn't believe how good she looked. She was smiling. For the first time in years she seemed like she was actually feeling the best feeling of all—joy. Her neurologist measured her strides and said she was walking faster, and more upright.

The great thing about seeing a neurologist in the bay area where medical cannabis has been legal for 20 years, the doctor was open to the benefits. And she was the first to say how medical cannabis did something for my mom that no pharmaceutical had done for her in 35 years. That was a big statement.

And the best part is she doesn't have a single side effect from the CBD oil. Not one. And she doesn't feel "high" at all when she takes it.

My mom was and is the inspiration for why I wanted to start WeedHorn. She's my hero who has refused to give into the disease while keeping an open mind through the learning stages of finding the right cannabis product. And she's the reason why WeedHorn puts such an emphasis on edibles. We want to help educate others on medicating safely without having bad experiences, especially with food.

To see her as the best possible version of her at the age she's at is a reward by itself. And to know WeedHorn can help others find cannabis as a remedy for their ailments is a bonus. That's why WeedHorn has made the 1/1/1 pledge and why we continue to provide the most useful information about cannabis possible.