Design Daily #5: Marley Naturals

In this case, there's the man, the myth, The Legend—not just any legend merits The status, mind you—Bob Marley does. He is an industry unto himself; imagine the posters alone—the mind reels, calculating the number sold to date. So how do you launch a truly 21st-century company baring his 20th-century-icon name? How in the world do you bring fresh perspective to one of the most recognizable men in recorded history, where to even start?

If you're Cedella Marley, eldest daughter of Bob and Rita, the answer is brilliantly simple: start by being yourself. And by using her relationship with her father to the fullest, Ms. Marley, along with her business partner Tahira Rehmatullah, demonstrate both business savvy and phenomenal instincts in their decision to focus on the essence of the man, not the image. Evident in the fact that Marley Naturals is graced by a Lion of Judah, illustrated in solid black, not an image of Bob Marley, not one.

On top of that, you can't help being impressed with how delicately the Marley team respond to the intensity of the Rastafari flag, also known as the Bob Marley flag. The soul warrior's warpaint, those high-voltage strokes of yellow, red and green. The Marley team pares them down and focuses on one color at a time.Which also provides a ready-made color code for their various strains and product lines. Add the element of clean lines, simple text . . . Subtle, I'd dare say. Self-assured.

Members of the Marley family, Rohan, Cedella and Rita Marleyphoto: Marley Natural

Just goes to show, when your family roots and grassroots are essentially one and the same, activism is a form of self-expression, a creative endeavor. Even so, you got to admire the fact that Marley Naturals showed up on the scene with their sleeves rolled up and no time to waste. The Expungement Day they recently held with co-sponsor Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), was phenomenally successful. In a single day, hundreds of eligible people successfully filed their paperwork and had all their legal fees waved, covered by the organizers. hat's where the genius of Marley Naturals shines brightest: by focusing upon a legend's relevance rather than reverence. Because paying it forward always beats looking behind.