Edibles You Can Love: Cannabis Herb Smoked Salmon

Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen in Denver is an amazing deli where cooks are adapting and pushing the envelope. The deli catered a private party with a Colorado inspired dish, Cannabis Herb smoked Salmon. Salmon was the main course for a casual gathering for friends 21 and over.

The restaurant had to do a deep cleaning afterwards so that they do not cross contaminate with the food served to the customers. The marijuana movement is pushing everywhere and culinary professionals are becoming more and more creative with this beautiful herb. It may have only been for a party but it opens up the door for the possibilities of medicating and seasoning your favorite foods at your favorite restaurants.

Cannabis is simply a herb and a tasty herb at that. Cannabis has an aroma and flavor that is preferred by a lot of people and is something that has the potential to expand the market. What if it was just another seasoning like rosemary or sage that could be added to your favorite entree? It as simple as infusing an oil and/or butter, or just adding it as a dried herb.

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