Watch: Police Car Chase Ends In Hilarious Television Interview with Stoner Guy

A high speed hours long police chase through three Texas counties ended with an entertaining recap from a driver of the car. Jonathan Davis, 26, was arrested after 30 patrol cars chased him through Rockwall county to north of Waco after he was asked to stop for a broken license plate light. The chase finally ended with road spikes were deployed.

Davis spoke gave an entertaining recap to reporters on the scene from KWTX-TV. It's a sign of the times we live in when the lines have become blurred between real life and reality television.

In his interview, Davis explains that he refused to stop for the license plate light because he was in possession of weed. "I'm done with people trying to take my freedom because I smoke weed," Davis told reporters. "You drink (alcohol). It's 10 times worse." Davis went on to explain he was trying to use Snapchat and Instagram during the chase. Davis' account is currently set to private.

In the interview Davis seemed surprised by being shot at, "They shot my car. I didn't know they was going to shoot at me. I was like, dang, they shooting at me? I don't even got no gun." Sheriff Parnell McNamara's take on the 100-mile chase was summed up in his statement to reporters, "This reckless, high-speed driving for this long a period of time, probably up to 100 miles, from what we understand from Rockwall all the way to Waco, it's a very serious situation. He put a lot of people in danger."

We're no legal experts, but how many people get stopped for a broken light on their license plate frame? On the surface, it sounds like an excuse to pull Davis over for a suspicion of weed.