Meet the 'Jimmy Buffet of Weed'

Listen up parrotheads, there's a new artist making waves with laid back easy-to-understand tunes and a voice like a hammock made out of cashmere. Meet Chief Greenbud, the singer and songwriter behind new stoner anthems like, It's 4:20 somewhere and Sell Me Something Good.

Listening to Chief Greenbud you might think you're listening to Jimmy Buffet. Except instead of lyrics about drinking booze and getting drunk in paradise, Chief Greenbud extolls the virtues of smoking sweet sticky weed.

His songs are the type of tunes you can sing out loud to on a road trip with friends or in the background of a dinner party. Either way, his vibe is easy like a Sunday afternoon with lyrics most weed smokers can relate to. Some songs are about smoking, some are about legalization while others are just plain funny. There's a song in Chief Greenbud's repertoire for everyone who gets high.

Comparisons to Jimmy Buffet aren't by accident. The native Nashville singer remembers the first show he ever played. "I was opening for a hip hop group in Memphis on Beale Street. I go out on stage as an older guy with an acoustic guitar, to sing some country-type songs about weed. There were three hundred people that came to see hip hop and, after I hit the punch line in the chorus, they exploded. Right then I knew if I could take this kind of crowd and win them over, there was something to this. Later, I played a biker rally, a hippie festival, and opened for the Psychopathic recording artist Anybody Killa in a one month timeframe. Those were three very different demographics I can assure you, but everybody liked it. Everybody gets high."

The comparison to Jimmy Buffet wouldn't be complete without live shows. Chief Greenbud plays shows around the country where fans sometimes have the chance to share their local flower with the singer before he gets on stage and tries to remember the lyrics to his own songs.

Whatever he's doing is working. Rumor has it is 2.3 million Facebook fans may soon be treated to a live stream show using Facebook's live video feature. Maybe even on 4/20 ;)

"A lot of my fans don't get to see me perform live and/or get high with me from the comfort of their homes. Why not listen to songs about smoking weed on 4/20? Chief Greenbud loves talking to fans at shows. For the 4/20 show fans can send questions in to ahead of time and he'll answer them on air. Fans can also leave comments in the comment section of the live show and he'll get to as many questions as he can.

At the WeedHorn HQ Chief Greenbud songs have become the theme music during our 1-joint coffee breaks. Speaking of which, it's juuuuust about that time to celebrate life with a good vibe.