Jimmy Fallon Addresses the Raging Debate: Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

Summer is here and grills are blazing across the country, covered with a cornucopia of carnivorous delights. Chances are, hot dogs will be grilled en masse this summer. But over Memorial Day weekend, the internet was abuzz with a debate about whether hot dogs are a sandwich or not.

"If hot dogs are sandwiches, then cereal is soup."

The folks at Merriam-Webster seemed to inadvertently started this whole brew-ha-ha by erroneously declaring hot dogs are actually a sandwich. It's like you just took the red pill and realized the Matrix was pulled over your eyes all these years. Your life has been a lie. Pack it up. Go home. Hot dogs apparently belong in the same category as Fluffernutters or PB&J's.

Self-declared VP candidate, Jimmy Kimmel broke his silence on the issue, defending the hot dog's right to be declared and classified as a hot dog, and nothing else. "If you went into a restaurant and ordered a meat tube, would that make sense?"

To add fuel to the fire, another segment of food lovers think wraps should be called a sandwich. What the hell is going on here? Is the sandwich category just a catch-all for any food that doesn't have a home of its own. I used a Wheat Thin to scrape some crud off my refrigerator shelf, so surely that must be a sandwich too, right? In the UK, customers took to comment cards to express their frustration that wraps were listed in the sandwich category. "How is a piece of cold, flat dough wrapped around a heap of filling the same as a sandwich?" on customer asked.

No matter where you land on this topic, one this is for sure, that dress was blue not gold and white.

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