HOW TO Smoke Out Of A Bong [VIDEO]

Not every cannabis enthusiast knows how to smoke out of a bong like the ones found on Smoke Cartel, but just in case we thought we'd use a little education video from one of our favorite local dispensaries in San Francisco (where we buy our products). Billowby does a great job educating people on the basic of enjoying cannabis, like HOW TO roll a joint for example.

Here's a few notes for bong smoking:

- bong smoking provides a cleaner, smoother (and stronger) experience.

- put ice in your bong, but don't try to cram ice cubes in there because you could break the mouth piece

- clean your water from time to time so it doesn't get nasty.

- try some other flavored drinks instead of water. For some reason, Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple has been my liquid of choice for years.

What you'll learn in this "How to Smoke a Bong" guide:

1. The proper materials needed (a bong, a lighter, water, ice, and legal herbs).

2. How much water to pour into the bong and whether or not to use ice

3. How to grind your herbs and pack them into bong's bowl

4. How to position your mouth on the bong and then light your bong or water pipe

5. How to hit your bong and relax!