How To Clone a Marijuana Plant

With the progression of legalization marching across the country, more residents are realizing they can grow their own plants. For example, anyone with a medical card in California can grow up to 6 of their own plants. In Oregon, residents don't even need a medical card, they can just grow 4 plants at home like any other house plant.

A whole new generation of personal growers are learning how to grow their own, and with that comes the need to clone plants from time to time. Here's a quick and easy way to clone your own:

Materials Needed:

  • A waterproof tray and tray insert (you won't need tray inserts if using Rockwool as the medium) and these MUST match so buy them as a set.
  • A humidity hood, preferably one that has closable vents.
  • A new package of razor blades. You'll need them to be clean.
  • A fine mist spray bottle.
  • Rooting hormone, which can be made at home but is probably easier to buy commercially. Brands like Wilson's Roots or Olivia's work, but Root's Gel coats better. If rooting in Rockwool, maybe add a supplement like SuperThrive.
  • Rooting medium like Rockwool, which can be found at most hydroponic shops when growing hydroponic. For clones to be grown in soil or other non-soil mediums check out Sunshine Mix #4 at most garden shops.
  • 2-light fluorescent light fixture. It's not imperative to have but it allows you to have a separate grow setup.
  • A pH Tester and pH adjuster available at many garden shops and hydroponic shops. They may be also available at some pool supply stores.

How To Clone: