5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

The occasionally forgetful side effects of cannabis may have distracted you from previous New Year's resolutions, but don't blame it on the buds. Don't let your high get you behind at work. Don't let your high make you forget sending a Mother's Day card.

Make the most out of 2016 by focusing on your goals and making time for what's important to you. The right type of marijuana can be the difference between Pilates abs and covering the living room floor with candy bar wrappers.

1. Get in Shape

Yoga is a smooth transition in to a healthier and stress-free lifestyle.credit: PopSugar

Personally, I can't handle the gym unless I'm stoned. I smoke a heavy hybrid like Dogwalker OG or Girl Scout Cookies so I can zone out to whatever is playing in my headphones. The heady, relaxing high helps me lose track of time, resulting in a better workout without me staring at the clock the whole time.

When your muscles get sore, use a topical salve like Bud Rub to loosen them up. Stretching is a vital part of getting healthier and leaner, so enjoy a heavy indica while slowing down to stretch for at least ten minutes after exercising.

2. Cook More Often

Save money, lose weight, stop acne...eat well at home, y'all.credit: ItsAKeeper

The hardest part about cooking at home consistently is planning ahead of time. I suggest picking a time at the start of your week to sit down with a joint of your favorite strain and flip through a cookbook, or check out food blogs for recipes online, and make a loose plan for this week's dinners. Once you have an idea of the ingredients you'll need, then you can get a sense of what type of meals you could make for lunch and breakfast.

Even if that weekly grocery visit makes a dent in your wallet, you'll save money in the long run, and a well-rounded diet is good for staying fit and improving skin.

3. Procrastinate Less

#lifehackingcredit: IPKitten

I fully acknowledge how bold it is to make the assertion that smoking weed can help you procrastinate less. Bear with me.

In my experience of being a slightly OCD, control-freak, high-functioning, heavy smoker, the secret is to-do lists. Make reminders and alerts on your phone for everyday errands, and keep a weekly list of things you want to get accomplished, revising it daily to keep track of your progress. During your most functional hours of the day (mornings for me, late night for others), stick to uplifting strains like Green Crack or Sour Diesel to get as much as possible done.

4. Be More Creative

A lyric a day keeps the doctor away.credit: PickyWallpaper

Whether you want to finish the short story you've been working on, or try sculpting clay for the first time, flexing creative muscles will make you happier and more effective in the other parts of your life.

Pick an evening or weekend morning when you have a few hours to spare, and smoke a heady hybrid like Gorilla Glue #4 or Space Candy to clear your mind of day to day worries. You must unplug your brain - take a 20-45 mg edible to help loosen you up if necessary. Then let the pen/paintbrush/knitting needle take flight.

5. Maintain a Cleaner Home

A resin-free living room is worth the trouble.credit: VixImage

Tuning out to some good music and cleaning is a super satisfying way to spend your high. Two albums later, you've dusted every surface in your house and all the porcelain in the bathroom is sparkling. After work or after wake and baking, put on a playlist and get to work. Smoking a strain high in THC, yet energizing, like Bruce Banner OG or Durban Poison, will provide the boost you need to maintain momentum. That spacey high will keep you focused on detail-oriented, repetitive motions like cleaning windows and wiping stuff down.