Hifi Farms: Cultivators of Joyful Noise

A little over a year ago, four old friends came together and founded a company on four basic tenets: craft, quality, community and sustainability. And true to its name, Portland, Oregon's Hifi Farms is conveniently located at the intersection of music and cannabis, where they use low-impact environmental practices to foster high-impact cultural events.

So not only are they Clean Green Certified, they've got Muddy Waters in their soil and Nina Simone in their roots. And I, for one, appreciate knowing that Hifi's famed organic strains, like Island Sweet Skunk, or Gorilla Glue #4, for example, contain an 18-25% CBD and 20.1% THC, not to mention .0057% R.E.M. and trace elements of G'N'R.

What's more, the punk, funk, blues, soul, hip hop, bebop, country and classic rock found on their forty-odd Spotify playlists reflect the diversity of Hifi's team, which includes an Athens, Georgia nomad, a U.S. Army veteran, a NYC transplant and a Silicon Valley defector.

For his part, Hifi co-founder Lee Henderson is rumored to have a record collection to rival that of DJ Shadow—well, a massive vinyl cache to say the least—and regularly hosts private music performances in his SE Portland home. Those intimate living-room gatherings have included guest musician Justin Townes Earle, and, most recently, an evening with Stephen Malkmus (Jicks/Pavement) and China Forbes (Pink Martini). That single event raised over $6,000 for a non-profit working to save the giant Sequoias.

At Hifi, how their garden grows is Priority #1. Because boasting the best weed in town simply doesn't cut it anymore—not if you aren't growing your company the right way, by thinking long term and doing some real good for this world in the process.

So if you want to know how a truly progressive 21st-century company looks, best give a listen to the sound and vision of Hifi Farms.