Get Paid To Sell Marijuana Products

The founders of G Farmalabs in Anheim, California are looking for people who want to get paid to sell marijuana products.

If it sounds like a sweet gig, for some lucky brand ambassadors it will be.

Nicole Gonzalez and her husband, Ata launched G Farmalabs in 2009 after moving from Florida to California. Nicole grew up working in the Dominican Republic where her grandfather owned tobacco fields. Although it was a male dominated industry, she was raised by her mother to "be big in this world."

In 2014, the Gonzalez's sold over $4 million in cannabis chocolate along with other products to 600 dispensaries. In 2015 they expect their sales to double to $8 million.


The problem facing G Farmalabs is the same problem facing all legit canna-businesses, they can't do business with banks. "No matter how good my numbers are, I can't get a loan," Gonzalez said in an interview with Forbes. "That means all profits are going right back into the business".

Because many players in the cannabis industry can't advertise through traditional channels, or even social media channels, small businesses like G Farmalabs have to be scrappy. The Gonzalez's plan to hire 3 brand ambassadors who can host events at dispensaries and sample their products.

The Gonzalez's are looking past the garden variety resume for the people they hire. She said, "Yale and Harvard aren't going to teach you marijuana culture, I need salespeople who have smoked weed and talk about our products."